The 6 Special Ingredients Of A Good Restaurant Atmosphere

When a customer strolls into a restaurant, bistro or cafe, they notice the atmosphere, in some cases without perhaps even consciously realising it. As humans we can be incredibly hypersensitive to atmospheres, whether we are in a public space or at home. You can recognise the feeling of walking in to a room where you can ‘cut the atmosphere with a knife’, or that beautiful sensation where you can cherish the ambience. There’s no doubt about it; there are aspects that are difficult to pin down, but a pleasant atmosphere is something can put us at ease.

If atmosphere is such a great thing, then why do some restaurants have it whilst others don’t? Creating a great atmosphere may either be created on purpose, or may, in some cases, occur by accident. There are many aspects that can be used to create a great environment; some of which can be difficult to control.

Taking the example of conveying a likeable mood in your restaurant; if you run a restaurant you will undoubtedly want to achieve this, yet as a restaurant customer you will definitely cherish and enjoy a restaurant with a fabulous ambience.

A few of the more obvious ingredients that go into creating a good atmosphere in a restaurant are; suitable music, charming lights, decor which is in keep with the restaurant image, food that smells fabulous, consumers that are enjoying themselves, as well as the last, but most certainly not least, pleasant staff.

Let’s run through those points in more detail:

Music – This will undoubtedly be dependent on the sort of customers, and also the type of food items being served. The music is a restaurant can either complement and boost the restaurant’s ambience but can also draw the customers attention too much if done incorrectly. If you are doubtful of this, try different songs with staff that provide an honest viewpoint. Bear in mind, music is subjective so you can’t always cater to everyone’s tastes and opinions.

Lighting – Just as no-one want’s to be in a restaurant that is badly lit they also don’t want it too bright. Lighting must closely reflect the mood you want your customers to feel. You need to also reveal to the best aspects of your restaurant, excuse the pun, in an excellent light.

Decor – The decoration is your chance to create an environment that reflects the environment of the restaurant. Get this aspect wrong and it’ll be hard to create an atmosphere that truly meets the image you want to convey. If in doubt, hire an expert if need be; it’s better to get it right the first time than to have to do it again (or even several times).

Food – This is the most essential element to creating a great atmosphere; it can easily make or break a business. It’s isn’t just about creating great food, it also comes down to the presentation too.

Customers – If you’ve got great food in place, happy customers should easily follow. As with food, customers can make or break a restaurant business; after all, customers want an enjoyable experience not just good food.

Staff - Happy staff are a fantastic asset to any sort of restaurant; happy staff make customers feel welcome and relaxed. With friendly, smiley staff customers are sure to enjoy their experience to maximum and more importantly, they’ll tell their friends and family about the enjoyable experience.

Top Veg, Non-Veg and Beach Restaurants in Goa

Goa is a popular year round tourist destination and people from all over the world flock to this beautiful destination to not only enjoy its beaches but also its amazing cuisine. Goa is home to many restaurants and some of the best ones serve a variety of interesting delicacies. One of the best ways of getting to enjoy authentic Goan cuisine is by exploring and visiting one of the roadside eateries that may seem small yet serve excellent Goan cuisine.

Top Five Vegetarian Restaurants in GOA:

  • Little Italy: This place serves authentic vegetarian Italian cuisine and it is perfect to enjoy an excellent meal in the evening.
  • Plantain Leaf: This is yet another amazing restaurant serving a host of vegetarian Indian and Continental delicacies.
  • Hotel Kamat: Located on the church square in Panaji, this place serves South Indian vegetarian food.
  • Satkar Hotel: This place is also known for offering a range of South Indian delicacies.
  • Vegetarian Restaurant: Situated on Tito’s Road on Baga Beach, this restaurant is run by an English woman and she serves a variety of vegetarian delights.

Top Five Non-Vegetarian Restaurants in GOA:

  • After Seven Restaurant: This restaurant is extremely popular and is one of the best dinner venues in Goa. The restaurant is situated between Calangute and Candolim and is known to offer some of the best steaks in town.
  • I-95 Restaurant: This place is known to serve some of the best-grilled meats especially prawns and lobsters.
  • Souza Lobo: This is one of the best restaurants in Calangute, Goa. This is literally an institution where Goan food is concerned and therefore a must visit for anyone looking to sample Goan delicacies.
  • Brittos Restaurant: Brittos in Baga Beach is one of the most popular beach shacks serving excellent array of delicacies especially prawn curry, crab curry and chicken fried rice.
  • Fiesta: This is a restaurant in Calangute that is known to be one of the most romantic restaurants and serves excellent pizzas, meat and seafood platters.

Top Five Beach Restaurants in GOA:

  • Cavala: This beachside restaurant on Baga beach not only offers great food but also features amazing live music on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The friendly staff further ensures that one enjoys a wonderful dining experience.
  • St. Anthony’s: This is yet another restaurant at Baga Beach that is known for serving a host of Indian delicacies and is one of the oldest restaurants in Goa.
  • Waves: Situated on Calangute beach, Waves is an amazing restaurant reflecting an artistic ambience and traditional Goan delicacies are presented in an extremely creative manner.
  • Stone House: Those with a penchant to excellent grilled meats and steaks must visit Stone House.
  • Lila Café: Situated on the banks of Baga river, this extremely pretty café serves an assortment of delicious pastries and other mouthwatering delights.

Types of Restaurant Tables to Furnish Your Place

Furniture holds the most vital place in the interiors of a restaurant. The furniture is a little different from the one that we use in our homes. It is manufactured keeping in view its commercial use for day long activities. Chairs, tables, and stools are some of the primary furniture pieces. Restaurant tables today have developed a lot and you will find them in great variety in the market. The different shapes are suitable for different set ups in the restaurant business.

If your restaurant is a larger one and you would like to seat maximum number of people, then you should look out for oval and round tables as they occupy less space compared to ones with corners. These tables not only accommodate large number of people, but also contain lots of platters easily in rows.

Fast food restaurants and cafes usually get on with smaller sized tables. These tables are mostly square or round in shape catering at maximum six people. The tables used in smaller settings are easy to manage and maintain, while those used in larger settings are a little difficult to maintain.

Read on to know the several types of restaurant tables you can buy for your restaurant.

1. Tables with Base and Table Top

This type of table is used to offer seating to up to four people at maximum. These are widely used in restaurants that have smaller setups. Tables with base and table top are made in two parts, table tops and slab bases. Table tops are available in laminate, granite, resin and wood finish.

2. Booths

Booths create an exceptional experience for your guests as they add value to the restaurant. If you have a large restaurant, you can place the booths in the middle and put secured table tops around each booth.

3. Large Dining Tables for Families

If someone wishes to throw a party at your restaurant, then large dining tables are the most important furniture pieces. You should purchase restaurant tables that would seat at least 8 to 10 people easily. Restaurant tables in larger settings are usually rectangular or round in shape. If you want your restaurant to look aesthetically pleasing and inviting, place different shapes of restaurant tables.

4. Outdoor Tables

Some of the best restaurants in the world have their setups outdoors. In such settings, a different kind of table is used, which is called patio table. Patio furniture is available in different materials such as wrought iron, aluminum and wicker. These tables are then covered with umbrellas to cover the top. However, you must choose the patio table material keeping in view the harsh weather conditions in your city.